1. Information needed for registration requirement: A valid picture ID, government
recognized (i.e., passport,
driver’s license, military, etc.) as well as something that displays a current address. All
purchasers/bidders must
be 18 years of age. Upon becoming a successful registered bidder, you are required to
make a $300.00 deposit
in cash. This deposit will be applied to your purchase or refunded in the event no
purchase is made. There is
only one registered bidder per company.
2. Only registered bidders plus one person per bidder and employees of Road Runner
Wrecker Service are
permitted on the premises.
3. Starting at 9:00 AM and ends at 12:00PM.
4. All vehicles must be paid for  and picked up by 5:00 pm on the Wednesday following the auction, NO EXCEPTIONS! The pickup hours for vehicles will be between 9am-4pm. Failure to retrieve a vehicle within the specified timeframe shall result in the imposition of a storage fee amounting to $50.00 per day for each day that the vehicle remains uncollected. In the event a vehicle remains on the premises beyond the aforementioned deadline, Road Runner Wrecker Service retains the right to offer the vehicle for resale and any deposits previously paid shall be surrendered by the bidder. This condition may be waived or amended only if written consent or agreement is provided by Road Runner Wrecker Service before the prescribed collection deadline.

5. No vehicle will be able to be removed from the premises until all payments,
paperwork and auction is completed. NO EXCEPTIONS!
6. No vehicle is to be left on surrounding properties.
7. CONDITION OF VEHICLES TO BE SOLD: All vehicles are sold “As is”, “where is”
OR EXPRESSED! All vehicles come from our storage lots, including but not limited to,
private impounds, accidents and police impounds.
8. Road Runner Wrecker Service reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.
However, if a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the decision of Road Runner Wrecker Service shall be
final and absolute.
9. Road Runner Wrecker Service reserves the right to withdraw from the sale any
vehicle listed or to sell at this auction and add any additional vehicles not listed.
10. All vehicles will have paperwork to obtain a VA title through a mechanics and
storage lien if needed unless noted
*NO PAPERWORK, then those vehicles are for salvage only. There will be a buyer’s
fee of 10% added to the price of the vehicle. All paperwork will only be put in the name of the registered
bidder/buyer, NO EXCEPTIONS.

All paperwork will be ready by 5:00pm on the Wednesday following the auction as long
as everything needed was completed at the time of auction. UNLESS OTHER WISE STATED ON AUCTION DAY.
11. The highest successful bidder will purchase the vehicle bid on or will forfeit the deposit and will not be
permitted at any further auctions.
12. Road Runner Wrecker Service is not to be held responsible in the event that there is
but not limited to corrections with year, make, model, mileage, serial numbers or problems resulting from
paperwork obtained from Road Runner Wrecker Service. We strongly recommend that no work, promises or
money be put into vehicle until title is put in the bidder’s name and obtained from DMV.
13. No tampering or going through any vehicle on premises. If you are caught you will
be asked to leave premises, face legal charges, forfeit deposit and not permitted at future auctions.
14. Any person on the premises that is not a registered bidder or the single guest
accompanying the bidder will be considered trespassing!
15. Road Runner Wrecker Service and employees of Road Runner Wrecker Service
reserves the right to bid.
16. All payments are to be made in cash, certified funds or credit card with a 4% Credit
card fee.
17. No minimum starting bid per vehicle and no reserves on any vehicles.
18. No work to any vehicle will be permitted on the premises. All vehicles must be
removed from property before any work can be done.
19. In the event the vehicle needs towing Road Runner Wreckers Service can provide
towing for a fee. Please feel free to inquire.
20. If keys are available, it will be noted on the windshield of the vehicle and then
transferred to the highest bidder when paperwork and payment are completed, all
vehicles with keys will incur a $50 key fee. Most of the vehicles do not have keys to
21. Bidder/purchaser discharges Road Runner Wrecker Service, its officers, agents,
employees, successors, or assigns from any and all matters, causes of actions, suits, proceedings, judgments,
claims, damages and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which we ever had, or may have in the future
resulting from this auction or any future auctions and /or sale and purchase of vehicles.
It is the buyers responsibility to review and judge vehicle condition before



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